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  • Richard Hays. Th.D

    Richard Hays. Th.D

    Senior Pastor at Christian Community International

    Doctorate in Theology by the Phoenix University of Theology. Richard and his wife Fonda have been missionaries in Latin America for more than 35 years, based in Monterrey, Mexico they are Senior Pastors of Christian Community International. Richard is the Founder and Director of the Master Builder Training for Leaders and Pastors in the nations. Author of several books among "Righteous at Last" and "The 5 Doctrines" the first has been translated into 8 languages. His vision is to preach the gospel that opens Heaven, chages lives and transforms society.
  • Alfredo Seres. Th.D

    Alfredo Seres. Th.D

    Doctor of Theology, Alfredo Seres is a Professor and Associate Pastor in Christian Community International. Based in Monterrey, Mexico, Pastor Alfredo has been serving in the ministry for 30 years. Currently he teaches the word of God around the world and in Master Builder every year. Author of several books including "Cycles of 500" translated in several languages.
  • Mani Erfan.

    Mani Erfan.

    He was born in Iran as was raised as a shiite Muslim and immigrated to USA in 1983. While attending college at University of Florida to become an engineer, Mani had a super natural and miraculous encounter with Jesus Christ in 1987. In Mani’s own words,” I was introduced to the God of the Bible through such a manifestation of His Power that no words or traditions of man could cast doubt to me that Jesus Christ was a Risen God”.Every week thousands of Muslims view Mani’s programs with well over 1 million viewers connected to the Satellite TV programing. Hundreds of underground pastors and leaders have now been trained by him and the work continues. Business success has allowed Mani to become involved in humanitarian efforts around the globe. Mani travels to remote parts of the Globe from Somalia to Sudan seeking opportunities to show the love of Christ in the most tangible way.


  • Michael Dalton

    Michael Dalton

    Senior Instructor CCI Business

    Poet, playwright, singer, songwriter, author of several marketplace books, a businessman, and a consultant to government agencies, ministries, charities & young entrepreneurs in the areas of leadership, stress management, communications, time management & structure.
  • John Crowder

    John Crowder

    John and Lily have a passion to spread the exhuberant love and joy of the supernatural gospel of Jesus Christ. John is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and advocate of mystical Christianity, with the ministry marked by creative miracles and unusual signs and wonders. They are on the forefront of a fresh renewal movement characterized by ecstatic joy and a recovery of the foundational preaching of the cross of grace. Their heart is to see the church and the world infused with its identity in Christ and a revelation of our union with Him.
  • Pastor León Felipe Ruvalcaba.

    Pastor León Felipe Ruvalcaba.

    Pastor fundador de Restaurando tu Vida y Director de Restaurando tu Vida A.C., con sede en la ciudad de Aguascalientes, Ags. México.Lic. en Administración de Empresas con una Maestría en Mercadotecnia y Licenciatura, Maestría y Doctorado en Teología. Junto a su esposa Alejandra, inició una pequeña célula conformada por 12 personas en la sala de su hogar en el 2008, sin pensar que años más tarde se convertiría en la congregación más influyente del Estado de Aguascalientes.Productor Ejecutivo del programa Restaurando tu Vida que se transmite en dos canales televisivos en cadena estatal.Restaurando tu Vida tiene como objetivo transformar la sociedad de su entorno implementando la cultura del cielo en la tierra.