Richard Hays. Th.D

Richard Hays. Th.D

Senior Pastor at Christian Community International

Doctorate in Theology by the Phoenix University of Theology. Richard and his wife Fonda have been missionaries in Latin America for more than 35 years, based in Monterrey, Mexico they are Senior Pastors of Christian Community International. Richard is the Founder and Director of the Master Builder Training for Leaders and Pastors in the nations. Author of several books among "Righteous at Last" and "The 5 Doctrines" the first has been translated into 8 languages. His vision is to preach the gospel that opens Heaven, chages lives and transforms society.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Book of Hebrews

    • Session 1- The Author of Hebrews, Priesthood, Holiness, Melchizedek
    • Test Hebrews session 1
    • Make a comment about a thought you feel is important from this session.
  • 2

    Session 2 - The meaning of the Destruction of the Temple

    • The Kingdom of Heaven is Here. The Son, Heir and Substance of all things.
    • Test Hebrews session 2
    • Share a comment and a picture of your notes.
  • 3

    Session 3. Jesus Christ is the Creator God

    • S3. Jesus Christ is the best thing that happened to Hebrew history
    • Test Hebrews session 3
    • Share a picture of your notes
  • 4

    Session 4. Everything is under JesusChrist feet

    • S4. Jesus has been crowned with glory and honor.
    • Test Hebrews session 4
    • Share a picture of your notes
  • 5

    Session 5. God planned for us to be the body of Christ before the foundation of the world.

    • S5. Rest in being the house, you don't have to build it.
    • Test Hebrews session5
    • Share a picture of your notes
  • 6

    Session 6.

    • Test session 6
    • Share a picture of your notes

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